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  1. Richard Bartlett

    It’s not only the speed of traffic in the village but also the pollution when traffic is halted, especially in the lower part of the High St, engines idling while they wait for the road to clear.
    Why is there a white line, opposite the club, going down the High St? What do they mean? In the past cars were not parking here but now there are generally one or two cars and/or vans at all times. This is dangerous for drivers (including the local bus) turning right into School Road as they have to position themselves beyond the middle of the road before they can see if there is any oncoming traffic coming around the bend from Church Rd. At times when the club is busy there are cars parked right down and round the corner onto Church Road. Even on the corner itself!

  2. John Pelling

    From my experience of trying to have traffic calming or safety measures introduced elsewhere I suspect the last word in Lesley’s comment is the one that applies. Safety was measured by number of fatalities in those days and probably is so still. My observation in Church Road is that all vehicles increase speed on turning into the village; I have seen the same happen as cars (in particular) round Crown Corner into Church Road. In bad weather, when speeds should be reduced, vehicles seem to go faster. The three accidents at Coddenham Bridge – particularly the most recent – are attributable to speed.
    Apart from this there have been incidents of heavy lorries ignoring the sign to take Rectory Road through Hemingstone. Equally there has been no attempt, as promised, to ensure the A140-A1120 route is followed when the Orwell Bridge is closed.
    Coddenham offers a ten mile reduction in distance for vehicles between A14 and A12, as I know from driving both routes.
    Planning proposals before Parliament include the possibility of residents closing their roads to rat-run traffic. How lovely if it could include us rather than dwellers in suburbs.

  3. Andrew Macpherson

    This is precisely the place to share views such as as this, pertinent to the community of Coddenham.
    Thank you

  4. Lesley Asque

    I am sorry if this is not the place to air this comment, but I don’t know where else to raise my concerns. I was at my cottage (Providence) again for a long weekend now I have been released from “lockdown” and witnessed the traffic chaos along the High Street. It was mayhem the road was blocked by lorries for about a hour, there was an accident as soon as vehicles started to move, a parked car looked as if it was written off! the Police were called. What is going on?. I have been in the village now for 15 years and have never seen the traffic situation as bad as it is this year, my neighbours car has been hit and it was off road and mine was scratched. I tried nearly 10 years ago with David Hudson to campaign against Lorries going through the village without success and road calming. What is wrong with the County Council!!!!!??? it is such a lovely village and it’s being ruined by traffic. In all the North Bedfordshire villages there are average speed cameras and restrictive measures on traffic with not as nearly as much traffic going through them. What can we do ? I will back any proposal to help sort this situation out before someone gets killed!

    • Roy Groom

      We had a very good B1078 Group with first David Hudson and then Tom Boles as Chair, but after this the group virtually folded. Myself and Sue seem to be the only people who report lorry contraventions to Trading Standards via their specific form, but this only results in a warning! As a Parish Councillor now, together with Cllr John Peecock, we are aiming to resurrect some sort of protest group to try to make SCC listen to our complaints. Please do keep a log of vehicles damaged etc – recently David Harfitt’s house was damaged and we have photos of this. I have numerous photos of contraventions, and records of traffic offences. I shall make a point of speaking to John and will let you know the outcome and the way we intend to go forward. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were aware of the incident you talk about and the subsequent damage to vehicles. Just another statistic at present I am afraid.

  5. Andrew Macpherson

    Thanks John, on behalf of everyone involved.

    Given the popularity and overall safe conduct, we are considering another in September!

    Best regards

  6. John Pelling

    Congratulations to the organisers and stall holders involved in the Bric-a-Brac table top sale. It was an opportunity for the village and its neighbours to meet for the first time since lockdown as well as offering some bargains on one side and income on the other. Also welcome were the charities that took part. I hope they found the event useful and profitable.
    We have missed social gatherings this summer so let us hope more of this kind will be possible in future.


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