Coddenham Village History

Collated by the History Club

The Post Office

From the 1800’s to the 21st Century
The story of the Coddenham Post Office can be found here

The Old Church Clock Mechanism

Replaced in 1945- but still in the church
Information on the old Coddenham church clock can be found here

The Village Pub

From Tudor times, to its proposed present day conversion
The history of the The Duke’s Head Pub in Coddenham 

The Coddenham Sports and Recreation Ground

The Coddenham History Club mark the centenary of the Coddenham Sports and Recreation Ground, with this special look back on its long history of service to the community.
Coddenham Recreation Ground History 100 years  
(PDF Original)

The Coddenham Village Sign

The Coddenham Village sign was gifted and unveiled by Canon William Murrell Lummis in 1981
Click HERE for an explanation of the iconography of the individual elements of the sign

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