Coddenham People

Many notable personalities have lived or had connections with Coddenham Parish over the centuries. In this section of the website we plan to describe some of them.

Thanks to our History  Recorder John Pelling we have pages detailing the lives of:

John Dover Moore (old pickles)John Dover Moore – “Old Pickles” (1809-1904)

John Dover Moore was a butcher in Coddenham at the Old Butcher’s Shop in the High Street (now “The Limes”), from about 1830 until his death, 3rd October 1904,

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Matthias Chandler (1605-1663& William Dowsing (1596-1688)

Two individuals linked to Coddenham were Dowsing, commissioned “for the destruction of monuments of idolatry and superstition”, and Candler, “never was forward for conformity”, vicar of Coddenham 1629-1663.

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Frances and Edith Martin – Topographers of Coddenham

The Martin sisters Frances Augusta (1846-1923) and Edith Philadelphia (1848-1937) were not born in Suffolk yet left a collection of drawings of their adopted home that has considerable historical value.

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Mary DayMary Day – Diarist

Mary Day was a prolific diarist and has left us with a wonderful window into her world and the people she shared it with in Coddenham

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Bernard BakerBernard Baker

Part of village life for many years, Bernard was foremost a talented artist, being trained at the Norwich School of Art and The Birmingham College of Art.

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Sylvia Harris Black and White photoSylvia Harris

Sylvia had many interests, particularly art and crafts, and was a fountain of local knowledge. She was a prolific poetess and left us with some wonderful memories of Coddenham past in prose.

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