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Month: October 2020

Have Your Say – A Reminder

This website, it’s stakeholders and sponsors are all about developing communication and engagement across our Parish and beyond. You can comment on any of the News Items on this site on their...

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A Vandalism Report

Sadly, last weekend the Coddenham Centre and Recreation ground experienced a rare case of vandalism. Haysel House were also alerted to a small group causing concern in the vicinity. Picnic benches...

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Your Community Diary is Here

Adding even more to your Coddenham Parish Community Website, we now have a New Calendar for All events and reminders. Just click on your day of choice to see what’s happening or if there is a clash...

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Joy in Sharing

How quickly things change.  This time last week I began my reflection with the words The sun is shining, the air is warm and still. Looking out of the study window this afternoon the air is, once...

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