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A Vandalism Report

by | Oct 21, 2020 | The Coddenham Centre

The Coddenham Centre front view

Sadly, last weekend the Coddenham Centre and Recreation ground experienced a rare case of vandalism. Haysel House were also alerted to a small group causing concern in the vicinity.

Picnic benches were broken, rubbish scattered, a postbox damaged and there were suggested attempts at entry to the Coddenham Centre.

This was not a major issue which we hope can be dealt with locally, although the Coddenham Centre CIO have reported the matter for information to the local police.

CCTV is in operation and the CCCIO shan’t hesitate to prosecute should it prove to be an ongoing issue.

If you are aware of this behaviour, please communicate to those concerned, these facilities are provided and maintained for our community and neighbours. Any attack, is an attack on everyone who enjoys them.

Thank you

The Coddenham Centre Trustees and Staff.

*Thanks to volunteer Alan West for speedy repairs.




  1. Anna

    My son and some friends were out playing at Coddenham Park last weekend. I will be speaking to him (and his friends’ parents) to make sure it wasn’t them. I would very much doubt it was, as they are good decent boys with (what I hope is) the appropriate respect for other people and public property. If it turns out my son was involved, he and I will be in touch with you directly with an apology explanation and offer to remedy any damage. Thank you.

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Many thanks Anna – it’s an exception we are all confident we can manage as a community.

      Thank you for your help and support.

      Andrew MacPherson
      Chair-The Coddenham Centre.

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Thank you for your further update Anna and the steps you have taken.

      As far as the Coddenham Centre is concerned, the matter is now closed.

      Our regards

  2. Debbie

    Yes, many thanks Alan – your help around the village is much appreciated. It’s such a shame that we’ve had these incidents in our lovely village.


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