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From the Rectory – A Cup Of Coffee

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Coddenham Church, News

The winter sun shines through the trees, bathing everything it touches in a mellow golden light.  From the kitchen wafts the aroma of fresh coffee.

A clock ticks, rhythmically marking the steady passage of time.  On the road outside, traffic rushes back and forth, but inside there is peace.

There is so much detail in the small things in life; an insect under a leaf, patterns traced in the frost, the play of light on a bare-looking tree trunk.  Rushing through the busyness of the day, eyes focus on what we think we need, such detail fades into a blur, all too often missed.

This week Mary and I have a jigsaw puzzle spread across the dining table.  We began with the border pieces, then identified a few key features but as the puzzle progresses we find that attention to subtle detail becomes steadily more important.  Progress slows as we look for small patches of colour, fragmented detail which will help build the final picture. We can’t rush such a puzzle, but that is a part of its’ beauty; enforced slowing down and attention to detail.

Peace is a quality that is clearly in short supply. Armed conflicts, climate anxiety, the struggle to make ends meet; just a few of the troubles we face.  These are serious issues and many require our personal attention.  Faced with a constant flow of such bad news it is easy to feel overwhelmed; like the prophet Elijah fleeing from Jezebel (1 Kings 19).  Before Elijah could move forward it was necessary for God to take him aside. After days on the run, and experiencing earthquake, wind and fire, Elijah finally encountered God through the sound of sheer silence. Less drastically, Jesus too, took time out to be with God, and encouraged his disciples to do likewise.

A balanced life, like a balanced diet, needs variety; activity and peace.  Soon the day will pick up speed but for the moment there is peace – with a cup of coffee.


Rev Philip  Payne                                               The Notice Sheet for 21 January 2024 can be found here



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