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From The Rectory – Harvest

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Coddenham Church

harvest veg

All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storm begin which is just as well because, as I begin this reflection we are treated to a short, sharp thunder storm.

It’s Harvest Festival Season; the churches are decorated, God and the farmer praised, food gathered for the needy.  It is good to celebrate; to offer thanks and praise, but then what?

At times it feels as if the harvest is the end of the process.  Yet barely is all safely gathered in than the work begins again.  As farms prepare for next year’s harvest, others take up where the farmer finishes; working to ensure that this year’s harvest becomes a steady supply of food for humans and animals over the coming year.  Storehouses (of every kind) are holding points, not termini.  Whatever we harvest has a purpose; seed for sowing, bread to eat.

Jesus uses the analogy of the harvest to refer to those being gathered into his kingdom (eg Luke 10:2, John 4:35).  In this world it means that there is work to do; one reaps while another sows (John 4:37); many more (probably), simply grow, unready for harvesting early.  Whenever we are harvested, we too have a purpose.  The harvest hymn ‘Come ye thankful people, come’ takes up this theme of us as God’s harvest – gathered into his ‘Garner’ (granary) for evermore.  Stored for eternity, what a thought.  However, whatever the hymn implies, heaven is much more than an eternal granary (or storehouse).

Just as this years’ harvest only makes its true contribution once it comes out of the barn and into the food chain, so too with the eternal harvest.  Whatever the future holds in heaven, we can be sure it will be active; praising God in word and deed (certainly) and playing our part in the community of the resurrected.  None of this need wait, all can start today.

As we enjoy our harvest thanksgivings; as we take a moment to pause and enjoy the moment; let us resolve to carry the spirit of harvest thanksgiving, praise and generosity with us into the months ahead.  May we be an active part of God’s eternal harvest, starting now.

Rev’d Philip Payne

The Notice Sheet for 8th October can be found here


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