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From The Rectory – Journey

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Coddenham Church


This week we are off to Iona and after all that I have heard from last year’s Pilgrims, I am very much looking forward to spending a week on the island.

We are going by train and it will take us 2 days to get there.   Business or pleasure, long or short; for most of our journeys we simply travel to arrive: the destination is the purpose and focus of our itinerary; the journey little more than a necessary burden; time and money we’d rather spend elsewhere.

The Bible, like other classic literature, is a story of journeys.  Abraham left his home town and became a nomad.  His descendants, the Israelites, finally entered the Promised Land after a 40 year journey out of slavery.  St Paul made several journeys around the Eastern Mediterranean region before heading to Rome.  Jesus journeyed from Galilee to Jerusalem – and the cross.  Each of these journeys had a destination, but on each occasion the Bible narrative focusses on the journey.  Abraham is never told his physical destination; the Exodus is the opportunity for the twelve tribes to bond; to become a nation, to learn to trust God.  Jesus uses the journey to Jerusalem as an opportunity to teach his disciples and spread the good news.  Clearly journeys are more than just the string connecting two points, they become an integral part of the whole.

Iona is about 550 miles from Stonham.  Our journey will include at least 4 trains, 2 ferries, a bus and a car; spread over some 48 hours.  The return journey will take even longer.  By the time we arrive home once more, we will have spent almost as many days travelling as on the island.  Not surprisingly, perhaps, the journey has taken more planning than the time on the island.  Over the years I have learned that the longer the journey, the less control we have, the more dependent we become on others; no matter how carefully we plan.  Travelling will take us through unfamiliar places and give opportunities to meet unfamiliar people; opportunities to learn and share; to bless and be blessed.  Time to pack our bags.

Rev’d Philip Payne                                The Notice Sheet for 16 June 2024 can be found here

Morning Prayer at St Mary’s at 9.30am on Sunday 16th June



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