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From The Rectory – Just Talking

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Coddenham Church, News

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The holidays are over, offices are open once more, back to work.  A man left home on family business.  It was a challenging job, but important.

He made friends on the way, built a team; teaching them to carry on the business when he had gone.  It was a task he’d never done before and, even as he gathered his team, there were times when he felt very alone, out on a limb.  He kept in regular touch with his family.  Sometimes it was a quick social ‘how goes it’ chat.  On other occasions he spent hours on the phone; detailed discussions as they wrestled with difficulties.  The journey was a success, the business grew, the man returned home.  Now he had the challenge of keeping in touch with his team.

Many of us have been that man (or woman).  Humans have always communicated.  Messengers memorised the message, then they carried clay tablets, paper and ink lightened the load while today the options are mind-boggling.  The technology changes but the simple truth is, we are social beings and like to ‘talk’.  Business and pleasure; love, life and loneliness; listening or talking: we may need lessons in the technology but talking to loved ones, business partners, friends, comes naturally.

Two thousand years ago the Son of God left home on family business.  Much of the time he was looking, listening, learning.  Then, for the last three years or so, he travelled and taught, made friends, built a team to carry on the family business.  Throughout those final years we see him in regular touch with his father.  He, too, phoned home: sometimes for a quiet chat, other times he spent hours in detailed discussions with his father as they wrestled with a difficult situation.  Like us, Jesus called home; we call it prayer.

Lord, teach us to pray – asked a disciple (Luke 11:1).  When you pray, begin “Father”, then just imagine you are calling home, or the office – Oh, and while you’re on the line, here’s a few things to discuss; the coming of God’s kingdom, our need for food and forgiveness will do for a start (Luke 11:2-4).

Rev’d Philip Payne

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