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Getting Greener – a simple guide to sustainable living.

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Coddenham Church, The Coddenham Centre

Climate Change Report ipcc 2021

We can all play a part to improve the environment.

The extreme weather conditions we have experienced throughout the world this summer and the publication of the UN report on climate change (IPCC) have surely focussed our minds on environmental issues and how we, as individuals, can contribute to environmental sustainability.

The North Bosmere Benefice of churches have been considering how communities can take action to help reduce our negative impact on the environment locally.  We are pleased to be able to sponsor a talk by Rev. Richard Stainer, a diocesan environmental advisor –

‘Getting Greener – a simple guide to sustainable living’

At The Coddenham Centre on Saturday 9th October at 3.30pm

After 38 years teaching Geography, Richard retired and started work again as World Mission Adviser for the Diocese. This led to him being involved with the Diocesan Environment Group which has been promoting the Eco-church scheme in parishes across the Diocese. Travels abroad (all offset!) have given him a wide range of examples of how others are trying to be more sustainable. In 2020 he was asked by the Bishops to lead on Net Zero Carbon for the Diocese. In his spare time Richard works as an actor and writer. This summer he was ordained as a priest in the Church of England.

Richard will talk about some easy ways we can all become greener as well as looking at the difficulties on the journey to sustainability. He will talk about what we can learn from developing countries using pictures to illustrate what others are doing about the climate crisis. The recent IPCC report on the climate crisis gives us all a new impetus to make our lives less reliant on fossil fuels so Richard will explore how we can do that in the short and long term. Above all this should be an informative and entertaining afternoon, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  Refreshments will also be served.

There will be a Traidcraft stall and samples of eco products available.

This session is open to everyone, free of charge.





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