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Praise for Coddenham Churchyard

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Coddenham Church, News

Oxeye daisies growing in the graveyard

The following accolade was received by the Churchwardens from Cathy Smith of Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

‘I work as Community Wildlife Advisor for Suffolk Wildlife Trust and was recently contacted by an ecologist, George Peterken who is hoping to write a book on churchyards and wanted recommendations of which ones to visit during his two weeks stay in Suffolk.

I gave a few suggestions, including St Mary’s. George has written to me with feedback on the churches he visited. He is full of praise for what he saw at Coddenham, he sites it as the best in his fortnight’s visit. In fact, he puts it in a national ‘100 best churchyards’, not just for the wealth of flowers but also for the obvious interest in managing for them. This is praise from someone who is an expert in his field and travels across the country to survey some of our most precious nature reserves, well done on your management, it is a real credit to your care and hard work.’

This is a great recognition of what a special place St Mary’s Churchyard is, and a tribute to all those who have worked to maintain it over the years.  The exceptional range of widlife has only been made possible by decades of careful management by volunteers from the former Churchyard Management Group and latterly the Parish Council.


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