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St Mary’s, a Thousand Years of Coddenham History

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Coddenham Church, Church Events, News

St Marys Coddenham

‘St Mary’s, a Thousand Years of Coddenham History’, Saturday 27th January 2024

This talk by Roy Tricker, Church Historian, will launch the appeal for funds of £60,000 for the repairs required at St Mary’s which were identified in a recent inspection report by the diocesan architect.  These include masonry repairs where flints are falling out of the walls and other badly cracked areas, releading the West window as it is bowed and the cement in the lead work is giving way, treating damp in the North aisle and a range of more minor remedial work.

Roy is a mine of historical facts about St Mary’s and if you have heard him speak, you will know that he engages his audience with his enthusiasm and knowledge. The medieval alabaster altarpiece and rood screen carvings, not normally on display, will also be out for you to view.

There are a limited number of tickets at £10 which will include hot drinks and a soup lunch.  Tickets for just the talk and a hot drink on arrival are £5.  The talk will begin at 11 am so please arrive in time to get your drink and wear warm clothes as part of the session will involve being outside! Tickets are will be available from Coddenham Community Shop or visit the website for more information.

There will also be an opportunity to sponsor a ‘quarry’ (one of the small panes of glass) in the West window to help support the repairs.

This is a great opportunity to find out about the oldest building in Coddenham and contribute to its ongoing survival.

St Mary’s will be holding monthly events throughout 2024 as well as applying for grant funding to finance the repairs – look out for information on the village website and in the Ten Village News.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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  1. admin

    It would be useful have a “St Mary’s Church” collection of facts in the History Club Archive Collections. Maybe someone could collect the top 10 facts about the Church (pictures to go with the facts would be useful but not compulsory). Anyone fancy taking that one on?


      We can probably take something from the History Club display at the launch event.

      • admin

        I was thinking more like someone from the History Club making note of 10 historical facts from the talk and publishing a new Project Archive Collection on this website, dedicated to St Mary’s facts. Yes someone could write another page, but is far far easier to just add a new Project Category and add snippets of info (projects) to that. That collection can be added by any of the editors here – as the individual projects are just like posts. You don’t event need an image, you just write a descriptive title, a couple of lines (1 particular fact), click the appropriate category (St Mary’s Church) which I’ve already added – the site will take care of displaying everything, its is all automated, nothing else needs to be done. It couldn’t be simpler to start, and (whenever anyone has a new fact) extend a collection of facts about the church history.


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