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Coddenham People – The Butcher of Coddenham

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Coddenham Village History Club, History Club News

John Dover Moore (old pickles)


“Old Pickles” 1809-1904

John Dover Moore was a butcher in Coddenham at the Old Butcher’s Shop in the High Street (now “The Limes”), from about 1830 until his death, 3rd October 1904, in his 96th year. He was a son of Elijah Moore, butcher at Claydon.

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  1. Linda Green

    My husband’s aunt, Mary Day, thought that John Dover Moore was the son of Elijah Moore, but in fact he was baptised in Claydon on 31st October 1811 [having been born on 12th Feb 1807] to John Moore and his wife Deborah. Baptised at the same time were a twin sister, Deborah Ann, and a brother George Dover Moore. John had married Deborah James on 31st October 1805. They also had a younger brother, Elijah James Moore who was, according to the census, born in Claydon in about 1815. Elijah James and Deborah Ann were witnesses to John Dover’s marriage to Sophia Frances Cooper in 1833. Elijah James wed Mary Ann Bacon Clarke in 1840, naming his father as John Moore, a butcher. All the men in the family, John Dover, George Dover and Elijah James all worked as butchers, in Coddenham, Claydon and Somersham respectively. John Senior, their father was the son of another John Moore and his wife Sarah, being baptised in Barking in 1772. There was another John D Moore working as a butcher in Needham hamlet in 1841 and 1851, with a wife called Mary, and it seems likely that there is a family connection, though I have yet to find out what that is.
    John Dover Moore’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Kitson Moore, married Victor Ulric Ross Summers in 1906, and these were my husband’s grandparents.

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Thankyou for this interesting information Linda,

      We’ve published and passed the details to the Coddenham Village History Club.

      These contributions all help share the village’s rich history!

  2. PGJ Summers

    The picture of JDM is with his youngest grand-daughter, Elizabeth, who was my paternal grand-mother and always known to me as “Marley”, though I have never understood why.

    Is there going to be more about the Cooper-Moore-Day-summers family in Coddenham and surrounding villages?

    • Ray Collins

      Hello PGJ – we are about to add an extract from the diaries of Mary Day during the winter in Coddenham January 1940 which may interest you. Look out for it under Coddenham People

      Ray Collins


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