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by | May 21, 2020 | Coddenham Village History Club, History Club News, News

1945 request to use the recreation ground

May 2020

The Coddenham Village History Club look forward to their new venture as part of the website. The first few items online are The Year 1995 and Memories of WW2

The featured image (part of the Memories of WW2 collection) shows a request to use the Coddenham recreation field for 1945 VE Day celebrations.


  1. ken finch

    James Lee was born in Coddenham in 1833 he served in the 13th Reg of the Light Infantry and was awarded the India Mutiny medal.

    He married Mary Abbott Harvey in 1876.

  2. John Pelling

    Fascinating item about the Post Office. Last year Madge and I met one of the people who ran the post office with Brenda Goodchild. Her husband had been in the RAF and she was visiting him in a care home near Royston. We didn’t ask her name because we were concentrating on a dear friend with dementia who was also in the care home. She remembered Kitty very well though. Perhaps someone can connect these hints to identify her.

    • Brenda Goodchild

      I have only just read your comment, John, re the Post Office when I and Sheila Cobbold worked for Marian Taylor in the Old Post Office in the High Street. Those were the days when we sold CB licenses, the forerunner of the mobile phone. Marian and her husband, John, lived in the house now occupied by Magdi and Gabrielle Barsoum in Love Lane and later moved to Royston. Their younger son, Stephen, was the same age as my older daughter, Sarah. Good friends and are we are still in touch.

  3. David McDonnell

    Great to see the CVHC getting online! I have never actually seen or read Canon Lummis’s History of Coddenham. Is there a copy which could be put online- by scanning perhaps?
    David McDonnell

    • Ray Collins

      Hi David. Giving general access to Canon Lummis’s book is a great idea. We will discuss how we can do this at our next meeting.

  4. Lesley Asque

    Lovely to see the History Club News online, makes great reading in these strange times. Thank You.

    • Ray Collins

      Thank you Lesley . We are just starting out and hope to have a regular and changing display of items from our archive


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