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Sunflowers – From the Rectory

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Coddenham Church

Rectory sunflowers

 Sunflowers How tall is your sunflower?

One of ours at the Rectory has topped at a mighty 8ft 6inches (260cm). It towers over its neighbours and topples over when the wind blows. This photo was taken the day before Storm Ellen! In May, several members of our congregations, received sunflower seeds and/or seedlings. (The seeds had been donated by Shirley Miller). Each year at the Rogation Service usually held at Stonham Parva, we are invited to plant some seeds, with pots and soil provided. Being good, hesitant, adult Anglicans this part of the service normally involved the children. Like everything else during lockdown, this year’s service was different: seeds were distributed, as too were seedlings, and very soon plants were growing. In recent weeks, the flowers have bloomed, and we have received many status reports, and photographs, on how they are fairing. In Earl Stonham, one plant was only 1m high – but it had at least 6 blooms when Mary saw it in July. Another, in Mendlesham, was 7ft 6in before it developed the flowerhead (we wait to hear its final height). In Creeting St Mary, slugs ate a seedling on day one, whilst here in Stonham Aspal another plant just stopped growing, others did well. All over the Benefice, we have enjoyed these flowers as a sign of unity with one another; discussions and local competitions have taken place and a simple act has encompassed many. From one bag of seeds, many types of sunflower plant have grown: small, large, bright yellow, pale yellow, large heads, small heads ….. Rather like us, we are all different, yet we are all one and part of the same.

Rev Philip Payne

The Pew Sheet for 3oth August is available in the Download section.


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