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Month: July 2021

From the Rectory – Food

Where does my food come from? Whether we grow our own, shop locally or take delivery from the supermarket; we take it for granted that food is available.  Yet at the same time, I only have to look...

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Active Travel Plan Update

Consultation on the Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Active Travel Plan ended on Thursday 22nd July. Enthusiasm for alternative forms of transport was emphasised by the response of around...

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COVID Step Four

As another cautious milestone is marked in the battle with COVID, all the latest information can continue to be found here on your Community website www.coddenham- While cases are high and...

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New Nordic Walking!

We are introducing for a trial period, a new walk, 'A Stroll With Poles', for those returning to exercise for the first time, having learnt to Nordic Walk previously or with us. One of our four,...

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Mischief in Coddenham

It’s sad to report some foolish vandalism on our Recreation and Football field over the weekend. Diligent residents reported the theft of goal net fixtures and a broken window, with attempted entry...

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