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Mischief in Coddenham

by | Jul 6, 2021 | News, The Coddenham Centre

The Coddenham Centre front view

It’s sad to report some foolish vandalism on our Recreation and Football field over the weekend.

Diligent residents reported the theft of goal net fixtures and a broken window, with attempted entry to the Pavilion. Irritatingly, we’ve also had posters torn down.

As usual, this isolated anti-social behaviour is thought to be down to one or two selfish individuals.  This is a community that gets on well together and it’s a shame it’s very occasionally let down by the aggressive behaviour of a very tiny minority.

If you have information (or an argument with your community, you want to express), please confidentially email Alternatively, talk to a Trustee, member of staff or the CCRG.

We’d rather talk any issues through, but the latest incident has had to be reported to the police and formally investigated.

The Coddenham Centre.



  1. Andrew Macpherson

    Thank you for your comment Glenna.
    Thankfully it’s an unusual occurrence, that is why we have chosen to draw attention to it.
    Hopefully, it will remain an isolated occurrence and those responsible will realise that not only is it an ‘attack’ on a charity, but a community facility.
    If they have an issue, we’d like them to talk to us about it!

  2. Glenna Tomlin

    What a shame never happened when I was a child . Glenna (Semmence) Tomlin


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