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Active Travel Plan Update

by | Jul 29, 2021 | News

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Consultation on the Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Active Travel Plan ended on Thursday 22nd July. Enthusiasm for alternative forms of transport was emphasised by the response of around 700.

As well as highlighting current problems respondents made suggestions of how to improve walking and cycling provision to provide healthier transport. A sustainable travel officer has been appointed at the district council who is working in collaboration with officers at the county council to identify current routes to improve and new ones.
The next step is the prioritisation of walking and cycling infrastructure for improvement or new investment. The decision of which schemes to support will be based upon the number of people likely to benefit, forecasts of increase in walking and cycling as a result of a scheme, the degree of deficiency of infrastructure in an area and likely improvements to air quality and road safety. Unfortunately these criteria are likely to favour urban routes but do not preclude provision for rural locations such as ours in Coddenham. To keep up to date with what is happening access the link below. You can view ‘All Comments’ made via the menu option on the web site and you can request email alerts when there is any new news, via the ‘Latest news’ tab.

Active Travel Plan Comments Clock Here

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