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Idling Engines and Devolution

by | Apr 12, 2024 | CCRG, Around & About, Coddenham Community Plan, Community, Environment, Front Page

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Two items of particular interest to Coddenham are referenced in last month’s report by Matthew Hicks, leader of Suffolk County Council and Councillor for the Thredling Division, of which Coddenham is part.

Traffic pollution and a call for idling engines to be switched off may be particularly pertinent to those on the High Street and Church road.

Perhaps more strategically, the proposed devolution of Suffolk is of interest to a community which has in the last three years done much to ‘ help each other to help themselves’.

Whatever your view on devolution, right or wrong, the push for regions and the parishes within to work together and take control of the future, continues.

Your own view is important, so you are urged to respond to the survey, accompanying the further Information Here

At the head of the Home Page of your community  website, you’ll also find a three minute video, providing highlights of the proposal.

A copy of Mathew’s report can be found HERE or on the Coddenham Parish Council website.

Please share this information. For those without web access, we hope to make hard copies including surveys available at the Community Shop and Coddenham Centre.

The Coddenham Community Response Group – putting unity into the community.


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