The Coddenham Community Response Group

Terms of Reference

Agree 26th August 2020. Reviewed September 2021.

As we expanded our initial COVID response to that of the broader community, this TOR  modelled the way forward and a sustainable future for what has been an exciting and increasingly, effective collaboration.

The Terms of Reference are as follows;

  • The Coddenham Community Response Group (CCRG) will collaborate together and support the co-ordination of village organisations, for the benefit of Coddenham.
  • The CCRG will be open to all available stakeholders groups by invitation and application. A stakeholder will remain a member for a minimum of one year, but thereafter may choose to resign, with no less than three months notice.
  • The CCRG’s purpose will endeavour to respond to the needs of all residents of the
    community , where it can, through the co-ordination of stakeholder resources and abilities.
  • The CCRG will endeavour to offer collective decisions, action, dexterity and speedy response. It will be funded by grant application, donations and where appropriate, contributions from stakeholders.
  • The conduct of the CCRG will be transparent, initially meeting bi monthly through virtual communication means or on demand. Meetings will consider community needs, issues and opportunity. They will be minuted and those minutes including any accounts, made public. An annual Forum will be offered, subject to government guidelines, being an open meeting for residents to make personal representation
  •  Community communication will continue to be via the website, newsletter, letter, telephone call, email or personal representation to individual stakeholders.
  • The CCRG will work with external stakeholders and authorities whenever possible, to
    identify resources or support, of benefit to the parish.
  • The CCRG will continue in perpetuity, subject to an annual review to coincide with the
    scheduled public forum. It can be wound up by the unanimous decision of all members.
  • The CCRG will align itself with the current local authority strategic objectives as follows;
    Safe, Strong and Healthy Communities
    Encourage and support individuals and communities to be self-sufficient, strong, healthy and safe.
    • Communities use their capacity and assets to be more self-sufficient, self-reliant and independent.
    • Individuals and communities taking responsibility for their own health, wellbeing, fitness and lifestyles
    • Communities feel safer and there are low levels of crime.
    • Communities are better connected and have a strong and productive relationship with Mid Suffolk District Council.
  • These Terms of Reference will be reviewed and ratified annually.

The Coddenham Community Response Group (CCRG).
26th August 2020

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