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Coddenham Centre Recreation Ground – Coronavirus

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Community, News, The Coddenham Centre

Please recognise government guidelines when using the Coddenham Centre Recreation Ground.

We regret these include not using any equipment, no matter how tempting!


  1. Angela

    It would be good to see how /ideas for Families keeping their children active – maybe some posts on here?

  2. Andrew Macpherson

    Hi Angela – agree! Tricky times on so many fronts. Any suggestions (all), do please post here. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Andrew Macpherson

    All – A point of clarity with regards to this reminder. It was issued, following complaints and concerns from local residents.
    The Coddenham Centre CIO can draw attention to guidance, it’s role is not to enforce.
    Use of equipment is at own risk and right now, potentially to others.
    Thank you for your understanding.


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