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1000 Nuggets of News!

by | Nov 6, 2023 | CCRG, Community, Front Page, News

Coddenham Platinum Jubilee Website Header

The Coddenham Parish Community Website has hit its 1000th post!

Created on the eve of the first COVID19 lockdown as a platform for support and engagement across the community and beyond, it has grown, providing news, information and help to so many.

With around 1500 pages viewed every month, we share our content locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.

Our community organisations, be they voluntary, charitable or statutory use the site as their voice. A voice that has helped Coddenham’s recognition as the most Active Active Village in 2023.

Local historical events, regional, environmental initiatives and public service messages are all promoted here. Progress of the Community Plan, new arrivals (and the occasional departure ) can be found, along with news of what’s happening with some of our neighbours.

You can use the site as your voice too, by commenting on items, sending contributions or sharing on social media.

AND you can look back across the years ( further if you go to the History Club page) by reading or searching across the NEWS section on the Home Page or CLICKING HERE

We look forward to the next one thousand posts!

Special thanks to all contributors and sponsors over the years, including the Day Foundation, the Gardemau Trusts, John Whitehead/Mid Suffolk District Council,  Shrublands Palace, Paul Taylor & Debbie McDonnell. The site is managed by Andrew MacPherson on behalf of the Coddenham Community Response Group. A collaboration between the Coddenham Centre, the Community Shop, the Day Foundation, the Gardemau Trusts, St Mary’s Church and our associate members, the Coddenham History Club & Country Club.

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  1. admin

    Congratulations to all in the Coddenham community.


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