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Coddenham Fete 2022

by | Oct 4, 2022 | CCRG, Community

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`FETE 2022

Wow! What a fabulous journey that was (no – not our trip to Dover now the Fete is over!).

From an almost standing start what an achievement – thanks to you all, and thanks a million times more.  We had a few minor glitches but none of any significance to spoil an amazing day.  Everybody who spoke to me loved it.  ‘At least as good as Millenium Celebrations’ somebody said, ‘party atmosphere’, another ‘social atmosphere’ and loads of other compliments flying about.  If you were there you will have heard them too.
The Bands gave us the party atmosphere so a big thank you to them.  Vince on the PA kept us up to the minute, the Dog Show entertained us brilliantly and the Face Painting was excellent. The venue was excellent for the Children’s races so well done to The Mums. The generous donations of prizes etc. was fantastic and coffee, teas and cakes hit the spot again.  The money raised from our ‘in-house’ stalls was a reflection on the efforts (sometimes extreme) of the individuals who ran them.
I cannot thank you all enough, you made it work.
I have booked the Coddenham Centre for 17th June 2023, and provisionally booked the band.  This is jumping on the front of a wedding 7 days later who apparently wish to hire the marquees, so two birds, one stone!   (Are you ready Roustabouts?)
You will see from the attached statement a surplus of £1335 is lodged with the Mary Day Foundation. This will give 2023 a kick start.  It is essential to have a reserve for any enterprise and I hope that it will encourage somebody to take up the reins.
Looking forward there is probably a big opportunity to take a closer look at refreshments/catering, and Bric-a-Brac (surely the village must be swept clean by now) and further ahead maybe linked events in 2024.
Thank you all again, many people appreciated your efforts.


Fete Final Account 2022


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