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The Coddenham Centre Activities Underway and in the News (again).

by | May 21, 2021 | News, The Coddenham Centre

The Coddenham Centre

A recent busy run of reportage for your Coddenham Centre this month

Our Coddenham AGM 2021 Report plus the East Anglia Daily Times covered our full re-opening this month with an item on leadership and the work of the Centre in the community.

Thanks for the positive feedback received on the article, despite the absence of photographs of the Centre! Sadly there was just two members of the public at the AGM, but we’ve shared our report as part of our recent May poster distribution and mail shot. If you know someone who would like a printed copy or in larger print, do let us know,

Click on the areas in bold,  for the full details of both reports.

Activities kicked off this week with Carpet Bowls and Badminton on Monday, Yoga and Tae Bo are also underway, with all your favourites.

Download a copy of our May poster here


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