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Last weeks for the opportunity as a community to contribute to the future of local walking & cycling routes

by | May 19, 2021 | Community

Thre cyclists on a cycleway with green fields and blue sky

Public Consultation

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have launched a public consultation around cycling and walking Infrastructure. You have until the 22nd July to comment.

They hope this will give our residents and communities the opportunity to let them know about improvements they would like to see regarding local walking and cycling routes and facilities. The consultation will help them to develop our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Via these links, the platform for engaging with this consultation, as well as further information and context about the consultation, is available online and will remain open for two months

Add your voice to the Local comment or add your agreement to any proposals 

You can of course comment on this post and/ or share your views in our own Have your Say’ page.





  1. John Pelling

    There are good footpaths although better signposting at the junction with the road from the Hollows would help in directing people away from the B1086. The path below the A14 could do with better signposting from the area near the quarry; lack of use may well have left it overgrown and difficult of access. There is also a dangerous route along B1086 from the Limekilns area to the signposted path towards the quarry: could a safe footpath be negotiated please? The major difficulty for residents of High Street is traffic passing through with little or no way for walkers, riders or cyclists that is not dangerous.

    • John Pelling

      Sorry – not B1086 but B 1078.

  2. Elaine & Peter Thomas

    I would like to say that although Coddenham is fortunate in having numerous footpaths for walkers to enjoy, getting to the footpaths is hazardous. Speeding vehicles and, considering the width and meandering nature of these country roads, heavy traffic is dangerous. Some would say that we are fortunate to be on a cycle route but thus is a double edged sword as it means that traffic calming measures cannot be implemented because it’s a cycle route ( so we are led to understand) and for those of us who might enjoy the odd cycle ride, we dont dare cycle around the village because of the traffic situation. Any help to address this would be eternally appreciated!

  3. Maggie Burt

    Please also consider routes for horse riders.

  4. Elaine Thomas

    We have some fantastic walks around Coddenham, which I enjoy immensely. However, having a rubbish sense of direction, I wondered if there was any possibility of adding to the signposts, where the footpaths final destinations are e.g. Coddenham Village this way.


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