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Bit of A Puzzle!?

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Community, CCRG, The Coddenham Centre

Coddenham Picnic event

On behalf of The Coddenham Centre and Community Response Group another THANK-YOU to everyone who came along to the Coddenham Picnic.

Thanks also to all the volunteers, entertainers  and team members who helped all weekend, advance preparations and tear down after.. Everybody enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine with a busy bar and some excellent entertainment.

As most people are aware, these events involve a huge amount of work and therefore it was with some disapointment , numbers were down from what was expected.

While we recognise people have busy lives, we’d like to find out a bit more if possible, as to why some people perhaps didn’t get along? There was for example some first class children’s entertainment thoroughly enjoyed by all, but a very small number of youngsters were actually present.

Was it the timing (last weekend of the holidays); choice of a (Satur)day; the football; absence of catering (people don’t do picnics?) or choice of entertainment?

If it was any of the above or something else, we’d really welcome your feedback please. Timing is for example important for our deciding on next year’s FETE date,  but all remarks will be helpful.

You can comment below or email privately to Please be honest, we won’t get upset!

Of course, if like the many who attended, you had a great time, we’d like to know too!

Meanwhile, lookout for future events CHARITY BINGO on the 15th September and the return of the CEILIDH on the 21st October! All  information at

The Coddenham Centre here



  1. Alan West

    Picnic possibly wrong name
    Bowls green probably wrong venue
    Marketing not clear

    I do know how hard these things are to organise and reach the people.

    I can explain in greater depth you know where to find me.

    • Andrew MacPherson

      Thanks for the feedback Alan.
      Useful points as always. Look forward to catching up sometime soon! Regards TCC


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