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Invitation to Attend a Focus Group (with a bit of lunch)!

by | May 17, 2023 | News, The Coddenham Centre

The Coddenham Centre Entrance

An Invitation to Attend a Focus Group Discussion about Potential New Sports Activities in the Coddenham Centre

As a resident of Coddenham or someone who attends activities at the Coddenham Centre you are invited to attend a focus group led by EveryOne Active in conjunction with the Coddenham Centre CIO, all about the potential for new sports activities.

Date: Fri 26th May
Time: 1.30pm for approx. 45 minutes
(Following on from our final Warm Space Event From 12.30pm) There is a free Ploughman’s Lunch/Tea/Coffee available for all attendees*

Venue: Coddenham Centre
– Do you think there is demand for new sports activities at the Coddenham Centre, aimed at older people and people with disabilities?
– Has the need for new sports activities amongst older and disabled people increased or decreased since COVID?
– If there is a demand/need:?
– Why is there a need for new sports activities amongst older and disabled people in the Centre, rather than at another venue (such as the sports centre in the nearest town)?
– What new sports activities should be provided? • When should the new sports activities be held? • How should the new activities be priced?

This focus group could lead to new sports activities aimed at older people and people with disabilities being set up at the Coddenham Centre with the support of Everyone Active. It could also help with grant applications to cover costs, such as staff and equipment, to make the provision of new sports activities more likely.

Come along to the Focus Group and have your say!
call 07720 206532 or drop your details in our letterbox.
Everyone welcome. We hope to see you there.
*Subject to availability.


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