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Play a Part in Your Parish – Get Elected!

by | Feb 27, 2023 | CCRG, Community, News, Parish Council

Coddenham Suffolk Aerial- Snow Shot

An often repeated observation during 2022, was that ‘Coddenham punches above its weight’.

A visit by a representative from Mid Suffolk District Council observed only last week, ‘I looked at the websites and wondered what Coddenham didn’t do’!

We strive to be and are, a truly Collaborative Community. As of February last year, an essential part has been the engagement of the Parish Council. Working with all the charitable, voluntary and now statutory bodies making up the Coddenham Community Response Group (CCRG), a great deal has been achieved in bringing the community even closer together. However, there is a lot more to do!

The Coddenham Centre, the Community Shop, the Country Club, the Day Foundation, the Gardemau Trusts, the History Club, St Mary’s Church with the Parish Council, are working on developing the Coddenham Community Plan,  building on the achievements together with the views expressed in last years Parish Survey.

In May this year, there is the four yearly Parish Council Election and existing and new candidates can put themselves forward to become some of the officers in this exciting progress.

We think it essential that the existing councillors are supported and that ‘new blood’ steps forward into the vacancies. Your main qualification is that you need to be a resident of the Parish (or within 3 miles), have  a passion to make a difference and to work collaboratively across the community. The hours are what you make them/you can manage, formal meetings are approximately every two months.and if you wish, training is offered in aspects of governance. Whatever your age (over 18), background or experience, you are welcome.

You can find details on how to apply by Clicking Here. On the Parish Council site are details of the current Parish Councillors and Clerk, who you are urged to talk to. Alternatively, contact The Coddenham Community Support Group and we’ll put you in touch. The current acting Chair is Councillor Rob Denning (a new chair is to be appointed once the new Council has been established). The National Association of Local Councils also offer information. Once the elections are over, there may be opportunities for co-opting, where an application will be considered by elected Councillors, on merit. Contact the PC for details.

There is a strong commitment to change within the PC and you could be part of that change. If you really feel its not for you, think of those who might be interested and please share and support our candidates!


Click here for a poster.




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