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Vaccination Appointment Important Information

by | Jan 20, 2021 | News


It would appear that the initial contact for arranging a vaccination appointment is being made by text.  If the doctor’s surgery has an old mobile phone number or if mobile phones aren’t checked, regularly people may miss their chance to book an appointment. If you, a relative,  friend or neighbour have a mobile phone but don’t use it regularly please check it and pass on this message to others.

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  1. P Taylor

    To underline the message in this post. Those most vulnerable and isolated will potentially miss out on the vaccine if communities don’t pull together to pool resources.
    If you know of anyone in community who doesn’t have a mobile phone please find a (covid-safe) way to establish if they have received information about the vaccine AND are able to get to the vaccination location.
    It’s not a case of ‘someone will do it’…if you think you can leave it – then how many others will think the same?.
    It’s also not the responsibility of any local group or organisation either (although many are helping as best they can) – everyone in the community needs to pull together.


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