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Would you welcome better cycling facilities for Coddenham?

by | Aug 5, 2020 | News, Community

cycle from behind with road blurred ahead

Would you welcome better cycling facilities for Coddenham?

Safe cycle lanes for leisure, recreation and fitness, and cycle lanes that go somewhere safely, e.g. Coddenham to Needham Market? Please let us know you views.

Posted on behalf of local resident and Parish Councillor, Colin Hardy. Colin is pursuing the local Quiet Lanes Scheme, which will alert motorists and all users to the ‘quiet lanes’ in our area plus campaigning to establish safe cycle routes to and from Coddenham.

Please add your comments to hopefully help support these campaigns.


  1. Edward Bull

    I ride a bike almost every day but I can no longer ride from the Lime Kilns where I live to Coddenham. The attitude of drivers as they leave the congested high street means they fly over the road to the A140 often overtaking on blind crests which often results in a terrifying near head on. It is only a matter of time before someone is killed on that section. I would support anything that helps make riding a bike safer in our area. I now transport my bike to the community centre then ride from there.

  2. Peter Thomas

    I agree with Richard, It is not safe to ride a bike in Coddenham. The traffic needs to be made to slow down. 20mph painted on the road are not working especially between the shop and the bridge and beyond. We do NOT need speed bumps but there does do need to be raised platforms to slow the traffic.

  3. Richard

    Excellent idea, anything for a more peaceful life. With the speed of traffic and the width of the roads cycling is not safe in this area. If motorists were more aware it might make them think.

  4. Bill Rhodes

    Great idea that should be widespread. Safer routes for cycling to Needham Market and Ipswich would be a welcome addition to the area. Currently I Do not think commuting from Coddenham to Ipswich is safe on a bike but would love to be able to do it in the future. Education of all road users is also essential though, cyclists and drivers alike.

  5. John Pelling

    I take the point about antisocial cyclists, who mostly travel in groups. Safe cycle lane that were mandatory would restrict the to single file. Though they would shout among themselves even louder than they do now that would be a price worth paying. If the lanes were dual-use, for cyclists and walkers/joggers that would be idea.
    The problem of course is the narrow roads: two way motor traffic and even one lane cycling/pedestrian would cause bottlenecks. As we have heard recently, drivers coming out of congestion often behave like F1 drivers.
    One way traffic was over-ruled on the objections of – for the most part – Hemingstone residents. If there were a solution to that impasse I would be 100% in favour of the proposal in Coddenham; outside Coddenham, for example Needham Road, Sandy Lane and elsewhere I am wholly in favour.

  6. Fletcher

    I am not a cyclist and I am all for people cycling, but around Coddenham I have come across a lot of cyclist who think they own the road I am therefore not for improving routes etc for cyclists and I am against your ideas.

  7. Alix Darell-Brown

    I would love to see this happen. I’m originally Dutch where cycling has always been prioritised and safe and despair when I see how unaware motorists are of cyclists in the area. Feel much less safe cycling here and wish I didn’t ! Great initiative, thank you Colin!

    • Ian Thurgood

      As a person who rides a bike for leisure and pleasure, but not a lycra clad road warrior on a super-duper race machine, I support any initiative that might give others the confidence to explore the countryside on 2 wheels. I have lived in Coddenham for 16 years and not experienced any dangerous or inconsiderate behaviour by vehicle users. When working, I often used to commute into Ipswich and found it a thoroughly pleasant way to start and end the day. Whilst the Quiet Lanes scheme wouldn’t in itself change the use of the busier roads, if it leads to a wider discussion and broader thinking by the various authorities and bodies, it has to be a good thing.
      As an adjunct, being a cyclist gives me greater awareness of the space when overtaking other cyclists when driving a motor vehicle. The recommendation is a minimum of 1.5 metres between bike and vehicle.

    • Elaine Thomas

      I have not dared to cycle since having moved to Coddenham 7 years ago as it is far too scary on these roads. Such a shame!
      Would welcome very much any provision which will make cycling safe and pleasurable.


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