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Water point at allotments

Water at Coddenham’s Allotments

Following regular requests from allotment holders, water is now on tap at Coddenham’s allotments. With materials bought using monies from the allotment reserves, Cllr Donald Burton built two rain-sourced water storage butts, which were erected on 24th January.

Coddenham’s Allotments

14 allotment plots are owned by the parish council on land between Love Lane and Broom Hill in the village centre. All are currently rented out under licence agreements to residents. Occasionally plots do become available, so if, as a resident you would like to apply for an allotment, please e-mail the clerk to the council at:

For the well-being of the allotments collectively and to those working adjacent plots especially, the parish council expects tenants to keep their plots in good order in the growing season (01-March to 31-October) and tidy at other times. Plots should be regularly weeded and (out of hand) pests dealt with without impact on other plot holders. The allotments are a parish ‘green space’ and the parish council asks that tenants support biodiversity and encourage pollinators.

Allotment working party


  1. Andrew Macpherson

    Thank you for your comment Stuart, which has been passed to Coddenham Parish Council.

  2. stuart hambridge

    There are several plots that have had next to zero work conducted on them over the last 5 years. Please issue notice to these land hogs to relinquish their plots so others who will work them can enjoy the outdoors and grow stuff. Hopefully reduce the waiting list at the same time.


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