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Would You Believe It? Ancestry Research – Coddenham

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Front Page

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Paul Taylor (from Byte Design) who works behind the scenes of of our community’s sites often goes beyond great customer service, taking an active interest in all things Coddenham.

He’s lived and breathed our events for more than three years so you can imagine his and all our surprise,  when it appeared he might have relatives and family roots in Coddenham! He takes up the story from his base in Kent.

Perhaps you can help him?

‘It was quite a surprised to find that there is a strong possibility I may have family roots in Coddenham. Three generations appear to have been baptised/born/died in Coddenham or nearby in Needham.

In my attempts to confirm this I was wondering if anyone has information on Elizabeth Goldsmith? or her family, or know of anyone who has researched any of the family trees for those listed below?

Elizabeth Goldsmith

Elizabeth Goldsmith (5th great-grandmother)
Born or Baptised: 17 May 1818 – Coddenham
Died: 2 Mar 1875 – Needham

Jesse Rivers

Spouse: Jesse Rivers (5th great-grandfather)
Born or Baptised: 1 Jan 1814 – Needham
Died: 1 Jan 1894 – Needham

Possibly Elizabeths Parents

Thomas Goldsmith
Born or Baptised: 1783 – Coddenham
Died: 1853 Melton

Spouse: Ann Hammond
Born or Baptised: 1787 – Occold
Died: 1854 – Needham

Possibly Elizabeths Grand Parents (fathers side)

Thomas Goldsmith
Born or Baptised: 1736
Died: 1812 – Coddenham

Spouse: Sarah Fairweather
Born or Baptised: 1739 – Cretting
Died: 1822 – Coddenham

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  1. Paul

    Are there any records in the Church for this time period?


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