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Another Step Towards Net Zero Carbon in Coddenham

by | Jan 5, 2023 | News

Hall for hire - The Coddenham Centre near Ipswich

The local community centre and charitable incorporated organisation, the Coddenham Centre continues to pursue an aggressive environmental strategy on behalf of the community it serves.

It feels it has a responsibility to be an exemplar on the local road to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Following its successful air source heat pump installations, improved insulation, provision of community recharging points all with the support of Mid Suffolk District Council, Suffolk County Council and Viridor Landfill Credits, in December 2022 it completed a carbon audit with the support of Groundworks Ltd and Suffolk District Council.

Headlines are:

  • An impressive 72% reduction in TCC carbon footprint over a year.
  • TCC direction of travel with its 2023 solar project is endorsed. Buying renewably sourced electricity from a supplier is not the same as generating it yourself.
  • The measurements/potential savings projected by TCC preferred suppliers for our 2023 solar project, are accurate, re-enforcing due diligence.

The Coddenham Centre is now encouraging fellow Coddenham Community Response Group members to adopt similar audits for the benefit of the community. We are also working with Suffolk District Council to offer infra-red camera technology to domestic homes, to understand energy leaks. More details to follow.

Whatever your progress towards the regional target of zero carbon by 2030, any initiative or measurement will help. We know from the parish Community Survey, the enrolment remains close to the heart of Coddenham residents.

Global, national and local progress will be achieved by millions of tiny steps, such as those referred to in our report here; The Coddenham Centre Carbon Footprint


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