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Broom Hill – A Valued Community Asset

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Community, Front Page, News

Broom Hill was purchased by public subscription in 1988 and placed in the care of Coddenham Parish Council.

Since then volunteers have played a major part in maintaining the site for over 30 years.

Because of the COVID restrictions, it was not possible for the community annual working party to convene and despite some incredible hard work by Ian Jeffrey, there have been signs of unwanted encroachments and loss of control. Ian raised these concerns this summer and a visit by Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) facilitated by The Coddenham Centre and Coddenham Community Response Group (CCRG) with the agreement of Coddenham Parish Council (CPC), has now reported that ideally, some areas do need addressing now. In the course of meeting Ian and Andrew MacPherson, Coddenham Centre Trustee, SWT also confirmed the unique qualities of the Broom Hill site and the opportunities it presented for local wildlife.

The CCRG has respectfully asked the Parish Council to; establish a management plan for the hill; permit an additional volunteer working party or individuals to assist Ian as soon as possible; clarify insurance arrangements for volunteers and when funds permit, allow SWT to conduct a survey to benchmark the current situation.

So far, CPC have asked for more time to consider the report, but there is now increasing concern with regards to brambles and bracken growth, which was already starting to suppress the bluebell display last Spring. It seems the additional volunteer help will not be considered at this time, although we have been advised external contractors have been booked to cut the grass.

If you share these concerns, please comment below or write direct to the Parish Clerk. No criticism of CPC is intended, but we would like to avoid any further delay, particularly as the weather inevitably deteriorates.

We will keep you updated on these pages, if we are advised of any progress. A draft copy of Suffolk Wildlife Trust Report can be read below. Our thanks to Ian Jeffrey, Brenda Hudson, Cathy Smith of SWT and many others for their support.

Coddenham Broom Hill conservation report 2021

The Coddenham Community Response Group.



  1. Alan Springer

    I was interested to see contractors at work on Broom Hill and was pleased to see something happening – I can only guess the Parish Council have been jolted into action by your report, but how much is this costing the taxpayer? Aren’t local volunteers good enough? The nasty brambles were untouched when we walked past.

  2. Andrew Macpherson

    Thank you for your comment John.

    Individuals volunteers are the preferred route for Ian Jeffrey at the moment as being the most flexible and ‘immediate’. We have requested the option of individuals. However, the insurance clarification ideally needs resolving, whatever the format!

  3. John Pelling

    This is an urgent problem affecting one of the key reserves in the village. If it is not possible to assemble a working party could one or two volunteers liaise with Ian as to the work that needs doing and work either under his socially distanced direction or alone in shifts?


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