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The Coddenham Fete

by | Sep 8, 2022 | CCRG, Community, News, The Coddenham Centre

Queen Elizabeth 1926-2022

At a meeting of some fifty parishioners on Thursday 8th September, to discuss the outcome of the Parish Survey, the sad news of the death of her Majesty the Queen was received.

After a short period of reflection it was decided the CODDENHAM FETE should proceed on Saturday 10th.

It was felt the Queen’s life should be celebrated.

It was further agreed the Reverend Helen Norris, should say a short prayer to give thanks for the reign of her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, before the event proceeds at noon. There will also be a two minutes silence of reflection.




  1. Paula

    Hi, we were supposed to be attending the fete but have not heard anything back from you since we emailed and lefta message on the phone to say we were able to come. We now feel under the circumstances however that we will not attend.

  2. John Pelling

    That seems altogether appropriate.

  3. Keith Prescott

    I am sure that Her Majesty would have agreed wholeheartedly with the decision to continue with the fete.

  4. Richard

    I am afraid I don’t agree that they fete should be held on Saturday in respect of the Queen’s death.Many sporting and other events have been cancelled in respect of the Queen’s death and we should do the same.I and, my family will now not attend.

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Thankyou Richard – your decision is of course respected.

      As you will be aware from the public meeting on Thursday, the decision was taken in order to give everyone a choice, whether to attend or not.

      We look forward to seeing you at future events.


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