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Paying to Heat the Planet, Not your Home? A FREE Check Available for a Limited Period. UPDATE.

by | Jan 30, 2023 | CCRG, Community, Environment

Infrared picture of home

Do you know you can capture an image of your home or premises to see just how much heat you are losing?

Between TUESDAY 21/02/2023 to MONDAY 20/03/2023 and Infrared Camera is being made available to Coddenham by the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership, so that residents can check their properties for heat leaks.

More details are now available at   Coddenham Parish Council    If you have any difficulties. please email Coddenham Community Response Group putting IR Camera Access in the sub

Please include an address and telephone number.

In the meantime, there is more information to be found in making Suffolk, the Greenest County here;

  1. Signposting suitable people to Warm Homes Suffolk
  2. Encourage & help deliver easy DIY fixes and encourage positive changes in behaviour through our Next Stepsor visit the  Energy Saving Trust
  3. Look to run a Community Bulk Buy scheme for insulation & draught fixes (see guidance in Next Steps.

Coddenham Cares!

The Coddenham Community Response Group.



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