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Mess on the Rec!

by | May 18, 2021 | News, The Coddenham Centre

Dog poo

After considerable improvements, it’s sad to report somebody or persons are leaving dog litter on our lovely recreation ground again.

We are blessed in Coddenham with an abundance of countryside and public foot paths which can be used for dog walking, we also have dog bins in the village to place any waste.

The majority of dogs and and their owners conduct themselves responsibly and are a welcome sight out and about.

Sadly, there have again been incidents of dogs fouling particularly around the play area on the Coddenham Centre recreation ground recently. This creates a risk to public health, particularly for youngsters. If you see this happening, please have a word?

Any dogs on the recreation ground should be kept on a lead and away from the children’s play area please.

We want everyone to safely enjoy facilities, but as you probably know, it is an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 to not to clear up after your dog. There are local powers to issue on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 and the option to prosecute (yes), which could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

Everybody is welcome to use ‘the facilities’, but they are for (COVID) safe play, recreation and exercise only please!


  1. margaret hammond

    Over the last 2/3 weeks when out walking on the recreation Ground, going past the Football seating area we had noticed that the black plastic bin attached to the shed was full to overflowing. Yesterday, 9.June, we decided to empty it ourselves. We brought the household bin over from the other side and put the debris in there, but the plastic bottles we then transferred to the green recycling bin. We found 4 bags of dog poo + one bag on the ground under the bin, which we took to the proper Dog Poo Bin at the entrance to the Ground. Also there we 6 glass beer bottles which we took to the bottle bank at the Centre.
    What we wish for:
    1. put a notice on that black bin that Dog Poo is NOT to be placed in there & give directions to the proper place.
    2. Football Club to clear the bin & take away associated tape etc.
    thank you
    Eric and Margo Hammond

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Eric & Margo

      Thankyou and for commenting.

      I’m sorry you had to attend to this. A CAFC representative is attending today to cut the grass and we have agreed, remove the bin entirely. A dedicated bin will be positioned for matches in the new season.

      We are conscious its been full for a while and apologise.

      Andrew MacPherson
      Chair – The Coddenham Centre

    • Coddenham Athletic

      Thank you so much for doing this for the club, i am due to attend this afternoon to do the end of season clear up & mow the rec to a sensible level for summer months.

      It is appreciated you took your time out to do that.


  2. Rowena Hall

    It is a great shame that some people do not pick up their dogs litter, not only on the Recreation ground, but around other areas in the village. Responsible dog owners find this very disappointing.
    I have witnessed people, on many occasions, with their children in the play area, who have dogs of their own running loose around the area.
    There are often visitors coming from outside the village, who bring their children and/or dogs, parking by the Community Centre, who also allow their dogs to run loose on the Recreation ground. It may be part of the issue.

    • Andrew Macpherson

      Thank you for your comment Rowena. I/we will add the original post to the wider NextDoor network. Perhaps Julian can circulate a link on the Coddenham village email list?

      Other remarks from all welcome.


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