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Ten Village News Coddenham Digital Edition May 2020 – Look out for February 2020 Coming Soon!

by | May 1, 2020 | Community, News, Parish Council

Welcome to a special Coddenham Digital Edition of the Ten Village News!

Created in conjunction with local contributors and editorial team, it’s a temporary solution while the COVID19 ‘lockdown’ prevents the distribution of the Ten Village News in its entirety.

The publication platform is kindly provided by the Coddenham COVID19 Response website, as part of a number of voluntary services and channels for the Coddenham Parish during these difficult times.

We hope the edition helps fill a gap for those who look forward to their monthly copy and gives voice to some of the regular contributors who work hard to entertain and inform.

Of course, if you know of someone who doesn’t have internet access, please print off a copy and share, subject to social distancing guidelines.

Finally, as always, we welcome your comments In the box below, by emailing or the contact page on this site.

The digital edition of the magazine is available in the download page or here.

and a later edition..Stonham Aspal  have published their own TENVN version of local articles here


  1. K Cloake

    Lovely to see such a colourful magazine. The photos really bring the articles to life and the whole thing was a really enjoyable read. While we are all looking for an end to the current situation, I hope to see another edition of the magazine.

  2. Andrew Macpherson

    Message received from Lesley Asque
    The Ten Village News looks fantastic, I love the photo’s and am missing Coddenham in this lock down, hope to see you all soon but thanks to all the contributors of the news, keeps me in touch.
    Lesley – Providence Cottage

  3. brenda hudson

    We enjoyed reading the new edition and particularly liked the fact that it was in colour. Thanks to all the collators of news.

  4. John Pelling

    This is an excellent development, giving us full colour images as well as information. I hope it can be maintained even after the print version is able to resume. It would be a useful complement.



  1. Coming Soon. Your Digital Ten Village News - Coddenham Digital Edition. - The Coddenham Parish Community Website - […] See the previous issue of Coddenhams own digital version of 10 Village News 2020 May 2020 here […]

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