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THANKYOU Volunteers!

by | Sep 7, 2022 | CCRG, Front Page, News

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A great week for volunteering in Coddenham.

From a busy litter-pick last weekend, to a CCRG meeting (thank you hosts Retreat East), the return of Baby & Toddlers Group 7th, to busy preparations for Parish Survey Results (followed by a Parish Council Meeting) this Thursday 8th, Charity Bingo at the Centre Friday 9th and all the work for the Fete this Saturday 10th, a lot of people have again contributed time and energy.

Whatever your contribution, even if not listed here, THANK-YOU volunteers, you make Coddenham happen!

Please show your appreciation by supporting all these events and initiatives.

The Coddenham Centre on behalf of CCRG Members. Parish News


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