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The Day Foundation policy update

by | Mar 23, 2020 | News, The Day Foundation

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The Day Foundation

Update to Policy to address the threat of Covid 19

Following the latest advice from the government regarding Covid 19 telling elderly people to self-isolate we are now moving on to another phase in the current emergency. The Day Foundation has a duty of care to both residents and staff and this update is made with this duty of care at the forefront.

As you are aware, we have stopped all social activities in order to reduce the amount of visitors and risk to those at Mary Day Close. This situation is being reviewed on a daily basis and we would kindly request that potential visitors telephone the office on 01449 761732 beforehand.

As an exception to this general rule, the “repeat prescription” box for the Needham Market surgery, situated just inside the front door of Haysel House, continues in use until further notice.

20 March 2020.


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